A smaller selection of seasonal produce than our produce box, containing veg and two fruit. Suitable for students and concession card holders, who want organics and cannot afford the larger quantities. We shall be using juicing carrots and juicing apples, with smaller quantities and/or less expensive produce. Photo not indicative of the produce you will receive as we will choose what’s in season and available.

The new Budget Box is available now to order on a one off basis for $20 or weekly or fortnightly by subscription, and is for anyone on a budget.

We have a selection of boxes which can be ordered in any combination and numbers to suit your family.

There are members who order FIG, basic and fruit boxes every week, two fruit boxes weekly, a FIG box and a basics for extra staples, or for those growing some of their own vegetables, combinations of basics (for those staples!) and fruit, to compliment what is in their garden…

We have lots of members on fortnightly rotations. You may want to order a FIG box and a fruit box one week, with a basics and a fruit box the next.

All this, in any combination and the quantities you prefer, can be set up with subscriptions in your member account on the website. What you order can be tailored to how many people in the family you are feeding, if you are growing some of your own food or (now lock down is over!) how many times you may eat out during the week.

As the weather improves, more local produce is trickling in and in growing quantities, with our main local suppliers now Fanelli Organics and Peter Di Cesare. Others will be back on board soon, we are pleased to be able to finally say. When we have ordered what is available locally, if there is a shortfall, and during the wet weather and floods there has been, we go to what’s available from our organic wholesaler in Sydney. Through them we can source produce grown in the Sydney basin or “food bowl”: the Hawkesbury and west and south-west regions of Sydney, and even some bigger growers on the Central Coast who sometimes supply directly to us but mostly supply to the wholesaler! Yes, we know – food miles and all that. If we had a larger member base and therefore were ordering in much larger quantities, some of these may supply directly to FIG on a regular basis.