Member box

If you are new to FIG, you may order a trial mixed box before joining. A FIG box generally contains around 9-10 vegetable items depending on the season and availability. There are a number of items everyone receives and then some categories where there is more than one item (kale, silverbeet or bok choy, for example).

FIG box content

To arrange a trial box, please order online, phone FIG, email, or visit the co-op and order for the following week. Payment may be made by secure credit card, by bank transfer, or cash/EftPOS at the co-op desk. We require your first and last names, a contact phone number and email address, plus a copy of the payment advice if paying by bank transfer. If you then decide to join the co-op, check our membership information. We also have an application form for those without internet access or who elect to join up at the co-op in person.

Once your application to become a member has been processed you will be sent information about ordering online and a temporary password for the FIG web store. For anyone without internet access, they may order and pay at the co-op.

All regular and trial boxes are $40 and are to be ordered and paid for a week in advance. We also offer our members the Basic box and a Fruit box for $30 each and a Budget Box for $20, as well as other services. Multiple boxes may certainly be ordered, depending on your circumstances and how many people you are feeding!

You may also organise a regular subscription order by logging in to your online member account a week or more ahead of the date the order is required. A regular weekly or fortnightly payment schedule can easily be set up too, with either your card provider or your banking institution. 

Please be mindful of the cut off time of Monday night for orders; the ordering process commences on Tuesday for the following Monday’s co-op and our farmer order budget is based on how many members have placed an order. Your prepayment enables us to pay the farmer invoices when received without delay.

At the same time, should you wish to cancel a box at short notice, either yourself or FIG can try to sell it on to someone else. If it is unable to be unsold, then you lose it (ie, cannot carry over payment to a future week) with the produce donated to a family in need.  Please remember that FIG is a non-profit community group, unable to afford to carry losses such as this.

If you have any further queries, please visit our FAQ page or see us at the co-op…