Weekly FIG boxes form a large part of what we do but no, we have a whole lot more!

We also offer Fruit only boxes for $30 which contain a selection of fruit in season, plus the Basics Box for $30, which is ideal for those growing their own greens at home. You won’t get any fruit in a Basics box, nor any greens, but a selection of “the basics”, or in season staples. We have also introduced the Budget Box, for $20, a range of 2 fruits and vegetables in smaller quantities, using juicing carrots and juicing apples, for example, to bring the price down for students or anyone holding a concession card or eating for one. Our range of food boxes provide our members with great options to mix and match and tailor the amount and variety of food coming into their households.

There is the Fresh Food Market where you may find more of what’s in the boxes plus lots of other fresh produce when in season and available such as garlic and ginger, apples, bananas, tomatoes, potatoes and sweet potatoes, pumpkin, kale, silverbeet and other greens such as salad and lettuce, onions, herbs and mushrooms, etc.

And then there is Our Organic Pantry for nuts, flours, coconut products, dried fruit and herbs/spices, eggs and local raw honey, etc.

Please come in and have a look at our pantry range and the changing selection of produce throughout the seasons…