Not exactly, although we do have a variety of choices in categories (if you don’t like kale there could be silverbeet or bok choy instead, for example) and members can purchase freely from our fresh food market. For the box contents, we order from a list of produce the farmers supply us of fresh, in season vegetables and fruit. Buying produce in season means it is at its best, most nutritious (healthiest!) and least expensive.

Our society has moved so far from what is normal and natural that we expect our favourite vegies to be available all year round. Food doesn’t grow like that unless it is grown in some artificial manner and trucked or flown huge distances. It’s time we learned what our grandparents and great-grandparents viewed as normal – learning to cook and prepare food in season, even if that also means learning to deal with a glut! We cannot imagine ever getting sick and tired of our lovely local tomatoes but many will empathise with having to deal with zucchini 452 ways before the harvest is over!   😀

So… getting back to the FIG box contents and those categories, there is usually a set number of items for every box and then a few categories where there is more than one type of produce available. Eg, for a greens category we could have up to 3 types of kale, silverbeet, rainbow chard or bok choy, and sometimes more available; a member would have one item of this category in their box.