Fires have reached the Mangrove Mountain and plateau areas at the west of the Central Coast. Multiple smaller fires have joined up with the already very large Gospers Mountain fire to make what they’re calling a “mega fire”, with a more than 60km fire front stretching to the Hunter. Fortunately overnight the winds and conditions eased, enabling those wonderful “firies” to get some back burning done and prepare for the expected worsening conditions next week.

We are in contact with our farmers and things have been scary and intense, but so far they are safe and their properties okay. Eden (Fanelli Organics) advised us this morning the fires are sitting right at the back of his property!

We wish them all well and hope for rain. We’re informed there may not be much of that in any quantity for a couple of months. This week we are taking what produce they can provide, and for a couple of our smaller farmers that’s nothing at all, as the produce has been affected and they have been too busy preparing their properties for fire anyway.

All the very best to everyone close to and affected by these truly awful fires.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash